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Beef 101

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    A day long beef cultivation, fabrication, and USDA grading seminar held at the University of Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Beef Council.


Tony Bussert

I think I'm going to try tnis on the 4th. How long did you let the rub sit before grilling?


15 min is more than enough for beef.

Jack Valencia

Try www,
Best rub for a Tri-tip cut.
I use it on any type of meat and some pork but best on meats.
Try this, zip lock bag, olive oil, pappys, and let set over night (yes, 30 minutes works great too) BBq on highest heat. For a 1" steak, apx 1 minute 20 per side twice and off. The olive oil chars the outside and makes the best juiciest steak ever. Play with times with your bbq and the thickness of steak but WOW, great dinner.

Pappy's is a great rub and they have a lot of choices


outstanding dish! I did this a lil differently since its been so hot outside. I seasoned the meat, then seared it on a cast iron griddle on the stove it very hot, then prepped an indoor smoker with hickory wood shavings, set the meat in the smoker and let it smoke covered for 30 minutes. Moved it to a glass pan and poured the juices from the cast iron griddle on top and gav a quick brush of Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce, covered with foil and set it in the oven on 225F for 20 mins...DELISH, moist, tender, juicy with minimal effort and no hot outdoor weather to contend with.

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