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    A day long beef cultivation, fabrication, and USDA grading seminar held at the University of Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Beef Council.


Jim Cain

Hmm. When are you trying the "other" charcoal in each smoker? Your comparison currently has too many variables to really help a fellow like me.

No, you can't borrow my Guru, nor my Stoker. Nor my other Guru. I need them. All of them.

Mike Boysen

Hi Mike,

I had much better luck. I've done a number of cooks at 250. Here's a link to my successful sparerib test

On this one, I loaded the bowl and I think I had some airflow issues. Last time, I hardly put any lump in and it still had plenty left over after 4 hours. Had the vents about a dime's width on the bottom and barely visible on the top.


I watched the Bubba Keg videos and they stressed that you only use lump charcoal, not briquettes, but they didn't say why. Do you think that your use of the Kingsford Hickory Briquettes may have contributed to your lack of temperature control?


Interesting experience. Definitely let me know how this evolves.

Diver Dave

I have two eggs and thinking about a bubba for portability. I also have a large off set smoker that I fire with wood. After using lump for several years now I will never return to briquettes or my gas grill. Keep trying when you get the hang of it your temp control will be great. I was told the egg accessories will fit the bubba, so try the plate setter for indirect smoking. Good luck


I have a bubba keg and LUV it. The large Big green egg plate setter for indirect cooking fits perfectly. After the lump has a pretty good start ( 20 mins ) close the lid and crack the top and bottom vents to a dimes width. It will idle at 225-250 for 12 hrs. I load the fire box up with lump, I fill it 3/4 full.

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