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Beef 101

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    A day long beef cultivation, fabrication, and USDA grading seminar held at the University of Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Beef Council.

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January 11, 2013


Jason Gates

hmmmmmmm.......I don't like that my arm is in this picture but was not credited.


You're right about size having nothing to do with flavor. Some of the bigger restaurants serve food that tastes awful. I would rather go to a place based on what others say about the food and the service. It just doesn't make sense to use any other criteria- it is, after all, a restaurant.

Those servings of meat look hearty and if the richness of the color is anything to go by, it would taste good. My experience is that well seasoned, properly cooked meat usually have a solid appearance- not too soft looking.

Tara E. Martin

Their bbq plates are mouth watering. Add the exquisite country style chili and you get a very fulfilling meal. I hope they serve ribs...

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